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Golf Prints - Augusta

For golfers worldwide the beauty of Augusta National has become legendary. Golf artist Bernard Willington is fortunate to have his studio in America only a short walk from the main entrance to Augusta National.

His paintings of "Augusta National Clubhouse in Snow" seeks to evoke the inviting warmth of an old Southern family home. Augusta National Clubhouse retains this feeling despite becoming an icon of exclusivity in the golfing world, and a place of pilgrimage for golfers attending the Masters Tournament which is held in April.

While the spring beauty of Augusta National is renowned, the painting of "The 11th in Fall" shows a scene not previously painted at this time of year. It serves to show autumn colour doing its best to rival springtime.

Viewed from a different angle, the spring painting of "The 11th through 12th" is one with which members would be familiar. It hints that Rae's Creek is about to make its menacing presence felt at the 12th and 13th.

The setting of the 13th, a dog leg par 5, is made to be painted and is the most photographed hole on the course. Here are two pictures "The 13th - Azalea" and "The 13th over Rae's Creek "which between them give an idea of the grandeur and scale of Amen Corner's most famous golf hole.

The August National Course Map shows the layout of its eighteen holes in classic mode. It is illustrated with a portrait of Robert ("Bobby") Jones and other images which have served to make the course great and set a standard to which other courses aspire.